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Creating experiences with artists to find inspiring and uplifting ways to connecting with audiences. 

Dobbalapolis Productions  LLC.


We Are a Young & Creative
Video and Theater  Production Company

Dobbalapolis Productions LLC. is a New York based film and theater production company; looking at interesting ways to weave film and performative artistic expression together. Using a variety of performance, production, and marketing styles to reach audiences. 

We approach each project differently and creatively to generate an unparalleled aesthetic experience. 


About Us




We can step into any stage of pre-production, handling only specific aspects or managing a project in its entirety. Help the artistic brainstorming process and hone the unique projects visions, no matter the budget requirements. 

What We Do


We put together the perfect team to learn and create your unique style, language, brand, and vision. Taking point so that productions stay on time and within budget.


While curating your vision, step-by-step, we work hard to insure that the finished product is smart, savvy, and capable of standing on its own in the changing media landscape.

What We Do

Meet The Team


Andrew Dobbie

Founder & Head of Production

Andrew Dobbie is a New York based producer and director. Who, over the last few years, has been immersed in the film and theater profession learning a plethora of paths. Working as a technician in several off-Broadway theaters learning carpentry, lighting, and production management; he also had the opportunity to direct a one man show, "Rahmell's Inferno". Now, he frequently directs educational shorts for NYU while freelancing for productions around the city.

Meet the Team
Blaire O'Leary

Blaire O'Leary

Creative Consultant

Blaire O’Leary is a Brooklyn based theatre artist.

Blaire received a B.F.A. in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College, and continued studying as an Apprentice at The Barrow Group. Blaire is also the Casting Director and Director of Programing for Exquisite Corps Company. 

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Our Clients

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What Family Say

Maxamillion, the Dog

"Such a professional video! Bark!"


This video knocks my socks off!!!!!

Cousin Stephanie

“These videos were so clear and concise! The overhead angle and occasional close ups were ideal for a how-to video. The switch between angles was intuitive and prevented the need to rewind when following along with the task.”

What People Say


Lauren Klein, PACU Nurse

"I was so nervous but he [Andrew] made me feel so relaxed and I ended up having a GREAT time."

Mara O'Neill, OR Nurse

"This video is great! I can’t believe how seamless all the clips have been put together!  It looks like it was done in 1 shot, but I know the reality! Awesome!"

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